World leaders in asset management deploy significant levels of condition monitoring (and multiple technologies) to gather information on equipment, to understand the running condition. To deploy the Condition Monitoring correctly, they take an Engineered approach so that they know and understand what equipment they have, how critical each asset is, how it can fail and how to best manage/mitigate those failures. Optima Reliability deliver and transform organisations operations by identifying the optimum management regime, through developing asset lists and verifying equipment, ranking the criticality of plant equipment and identifying how equipment can failure using our software and experience and predefined templates. This enables clear identification of where condition monitoring can be deployed most effectively during the development of the Condition Monitoring Programme.


Condition Monitoring (CM) Programmes are the optimum approach towards improved equipment reliability for our customers. CM techniques, have been continually proven to detect the majority of machinery problems in the most cost-effective and timely manner. Early detection of defects allows for planning and repairs with a less reactive maintenance culture, whilst increasing asset reliability. Optima online system merges multiple condition monitoring techniques which enables you to optimise/enhance your asset management programme and understand your assets condition and suitability for continued use. Our monitoring units can be deployed on all asset types due to the multiple inputs available to deliver information on equipment condition:

  • Rotating assets (pumps, motors, gearboxes, fans, elevators, conveyors, generators turbines, etc)
  • Stationary equipment (heat exchangers, pipework, vessels, Electrical distribution, etc)


Depending on the equipment type and failure modes which may be seen over its life, our unit can be tailor made to identify defects before they become failures and enable the site to act upon the defects in a proactive, cost effective manner, without being subjected to unplanned downtime. All data from our AH unit can be viewed live and alerts will be sent when thresholds are triggered. This is the driver of Condition Based Maintenance.

CBM uses the actual condition of the asset, via Spectral Vibration Analysis and other applicable techniques, to decide what maintenance needs to be done and dictates that maintenance should only be performed on an ‘as needed’ basis when key indicators show signs of decreasing performance or upcoming failure.

Condition data for mission critical assets can be gathered at certain intervals, or continuously, all


Various process parameters and material samples, such as:

  • pressure
  • temperature
  • vibration
  • acoustics
  • flow
  • materials e.g. oil and air
  • any 4-20mA signal

are used in CBM as indications of system and equipment health, performance and integrity, providing information for the timely scheduling of corrective actions.

Our processes and systems drive proactive cultures and optimise OEE and reliability.


Correctly performed vibration analysis will provide a more in-depth insight into condition of new, existing and overhauled machinery. Vibration measurements are widely accepted as the most effective technology for diagnosing the condition of rotating machinery.

Every machine malfunction generates its own unique vibration pattern, making vibration analysis the most widely used, reliable and proven diagnostic technology.

Vibration analysis can detect imbalance, misalignment, looseness (mechanical/electrical), bearing issues, gear problems, capitation, resonance and electrical problems to name a few, which supports improved asset integrity when embedded within the Maintenance culture.




  • No Emergency Breakdowns: No reactive work, plan your maintenance

Minimise unscheduled downtime due to catastrophic failure

Enhance equipment life, reduce the risk of collateral system damage

  • Proactive Maintenance: Lowering disruption to normal operations and production.

Maintenance performed on a as needed basis, avoid unnecessary intrusive PM’s

Designate key skilled employees to suitable jobs

Maximise your maintenance budget by minimising your repair costs

  • Live Data Feed : Automate manual data collection and analysis of your CM

Alerts to key employees

  • Dashboard Live fully customisable dashboard showing live asset health
  • Integration Integrate AIM into your existing systems
  • No Monthly Site Visits No contractors on site

No PTW required

No waiting for monthly reports, live data with historical data accessible on line